Help me Choose

There are many SSL certificate products out there and choosing one product over another can be confusing at times.

There are basic questions you should ask yourself before selecting an SSL certificate:

What is the certificate going to cover

Is it for a single domain name for example a web site or a mail server?
For example or

–> Yes – You will a basic certificate

Is the certificate to be used for all sub-domains on one domain name?
For example,,

–> Yes – You will need a Wildcard certificate

Do you you need to protect multiple domains on one server?
For example,,

–> Yes – You will need a UCC (Unified Communications Certificate)

Is gaining customer trust important?

Do you want customers to feel confident in inputting their data into your forms?

–> Yes – You will need either a certificate with a dynamic site seal or the best would be a certificate with Extended Validation which gives you the green bar and clearly demonstrators to your customers that your business has been verified and increases the level of trust.


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