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Should I use SSL for email?

No matter what mail system you use, gmail, outlook, exchange, your own system, it is now imperative that you connect to your email over SSL.
With the ever increasing usage of email on public networks such as your cell network, unsecured WiFi connections, hotspots, etc… your email passwords are especially vulnerable to attackers, who seek access to email accounts on legitimate systems to send spam and phishing emails.

If you are using a 3rd party email vendor such as gmail, they will offer you SSL connection options.

If you are hosting your own mail server, you will need to purchase a certificate for each hostname you use to connect to.
You do not need an advanced certificate for this task, unless you host mail for many users and want to offer them a webmail interface with a green bar.

If you are using a web hosting email system, have them provide you with their SSL connection options, if they do not offer this option, it may be time to start shopping for a provider who takes your data security seriously.
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